Stubbe Horse Farm provides unique opportunities for select people who volunteer at the farm. We routinely require help with beginner groups, feeding, and show support. Applicants are chosen based on personality, attitude, work ethic, interest in the industry, stamina, and least of all, skill. Farm help is greatly appreciated, as it allows us the time to work on farm improvements, get ready for shows, or deal with larger maintenance issues.


Rewards and payment are minimal, unless you value experience with horses, the opportunity to ride a variety of mounts, friendship and shared enjoyment of a great sport, and strong contacts to go further in the equine industry. We understand that not everyone can afford to enjoy horses and riding, so prefer to offer assistant positions to people who could not otherwise access the industry. We typically find assistants from within our customers, so if you would like us to consider you, please talk to Silke regarding the opportunity.

If you’ve been helped out by an assistant at the farm, don’t forget to thank them! They love horses just as much as you, and knowing they’re appreciated makes the day even better!

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