Barn & Storage

barnLocated front and center at Stubbe Horse Farm is the main barn, a historic English Tudor style built with timber-framed hemlock. Currently not much to look at, we are slowly re-purposing it into an efficient farm hub. The original design was well thought out, with a south facing sheltered courtyard area immediately in front, perfect for groups mounting before a trail ride, as well as the occasional BBQ.

schooltack1Inside is a large tack-up area with rubber mats on the floors and ample room to move around tied horses. Separate rooms hold grain feed, boarder/leaser lockers, and school horse tack. There is also a good sized seating area with a microwave available for customer use, and a well-stocked vending machine.

stallsWe currently have minimal indoor stalls available, mostly used for foaling mares or injured horses. Horses are kept healthy by staying accustomed to the natural weather encountered in their paddocks outside, using shelters and blankets.

Equipment needed to maintain the farm is all stored safely inside various sheds on the property. Storage areas are off-limits to customers except with explicit permission.


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