Fields & Trails

In the summer most of our school horses are moved into the large fenced fields towards the back of the property. This allows the horses to relax between lessons, and letting them range in a herd as they would in the wild. There are four fields comprised of 4 to 14 acres each that provide a large amount of grass as well as trees with natural shelter. Students riding during the summer months are asked to come a few minutes earlier to allow time for retrieving their horse.


trailRunning down the center length of the property is a wide, tree lined trail 1700′ long that is often used in the summer for lessons. Halfway along a path branches off to our 1/2 acre pond. Skilled riders can ride their horses into the pond which is deep enough to allow the horses to swim. Bring a towel, because you’ll get wet!

Near the back of the property are 10 acres of spruce trees, which we intend to carve a trail through in the coming years, as well as a winding path through more natural foliage, which can be fun to get lost in for a few hours. More groomed paths are being designed into the farm layout, and should be ready in future years.


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