Indoor & Outdoor Rings

insidearenaStubbe Horse Farm currently features two riding rings on the property. Our indoor arena is used year-round, and can regularly be seen at night when approaching the farm, looking like a giant lit marshmallow. It is a fabric-covered steel arch structure, which allows a fantastic amount of light in during the day, and keeps the winter temperatures bearable when riding. It measures 60′ wide by 120′ long, which gives enough room for three verticals down the length, but still small enough to allow the instructor control over riders. Lessons take usage priority, but boarders and leasers are able to request permission to ride during a lesson. It is also a great place for customers to let their dogs run wild after lessons since they can’t escape, and the sand and jumps are a novel course to enjoy.

outdoorringOur outdoor sand ring is a massive 100′ wide by 200′ long, giving ample room for complicated courses and numerous horses. Typically available from early April to late October, its use is controlled by the willingness of the weather, and provides a nice alternative for boarders and leasers when lessons are being taught in the indoor arena. The size allows for larger jumps, but also exposes the horse and rider to a more challenging environment, as they need to ignore people coming in and out of the adjacent parking lot, as well as traffic on the main road.

orchardWe will also have a large outdoor eventing course, set inside our apple orchard and spanning 300′ wide by 500′ long. It is currently in the planning stages, with unique jumps and obstacles being considered. The course will provide a refreshing alternative to the drills and tight corners usually experienced in a sand ring.

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