Paddocks & Paths

The main paddocks on the farm are located on the west side in a natural valley, which helps shelter horses from cold winter winds, as well as containing mud, smell, and turf damage to a small area. There are five winter pens in total, four of which are approximately 80′ x 150′, and the fifth is double-sized at 150′ x 150′, to allow for rambunctious horses. Most paddocks currently have a shelter, with plans for more additions.

Each pen has a solid steel gate for ease of access, large water troughs, and a lit entrance. We are continually working on improving paths and footing in the pens, with a well-graveled trail now leading from the barn to each gate. Ditches and culverts have recently been added to direct ground water away from paddocks, improving footing and safety. Horses are fed hay at the rear of their pens in the winter, away from the main gates, to prevent deterioration of the entrance footing, and to make pen access easier during feed times.

We use electric fencing to contain the horses, which is cheap to install and repair, and greatly reduces interest in testing of boundaries. The perimeter of the pens are set back 15 feet from the property boundary fence line, providing a second barrier to the outside world and allowing for future trail development. Main paths around the farm are graveled, providing sure footing even when wet or snowy, and controlling mud.

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