Parking & Access

Visitors to Stubbe Horse Farm for the first time will immediately notice the large closed gate at our entrance. Because we are located on a busy main road, we keep the gate shut most of the time. Customers are welcome to enter during business hours, but please respect our wishes to maintain a safe property, and keep the gate closed.

The large graveled parking lot provides plenty of room to safely park your car away from the road, and typically is used for trailer loading. A two-horse bumper pull trailer can easily turn around without backing up in the front parking lot, and a skilled goose-neck driver can navigate a six-horse trailer as well. If you wish to park your trailer or turn around without backing, there is a large path around the perimeter of the outdoor sand ring big enough for even a two-hay-wagon train to turn around.

Farriers and delivery vehicles needing to access the barn with their trailer can drive up and turn around in the courtyard in front of the barn without worrying about getting stuck. Customers are asked to park in the main parking lot, leaving the small lane in front of the house free for private visitors, unless there is activity in the main lot preventing you from parking. Please do not park in front of gates, as they are regularly used to allow large machinery through.

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