Special Features

There are a number of unique features at Stubbe Horse Farm that give us an extra bit of enjoyment. An organic apple orchard provides the horses with plenty of wormy treats during the summer and fall, and adds a nice wind break to the outdoor ring.

The pond in the center of the property is great for swimming horses in, and adds a nice ecosystem to the farm. A 10 acre spruce forest near the rear of the property creates a fantastic escape from wind, sun, and noise, with rows of precisely-planted trees. Graveled paths wind around the farm, providing a relaxing place to walk your dog and enjoy that great country air.

During summer camps we open up our medium-sized swimming pool, allowing campers a fun way to cool off on hot afternoons.

manureWe also happen to manufacture manure! A lot of it. Customers are more than welcome to bring their bucket and shovel to our compost pile for some prized garden-bursting horse manure compost. We are also willing to fill your trailer for a small fee; current costs are typically one home cooked meal per 1000 lb load, give or take.
*Note – due to some voracious gardening this summer, our compost pile is completely gone. We should have lots more ready by summer of 2013.

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