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Foal Birthday Contest!

Monty is quickly turning into a round horse, chugging her way around in the field. Very soon she is going to give birth to her foal, but her discomfort can be your gain! We are running a birthday pool, and the winner(s) will get some cool prizes! Here’s how it works:
Some time between June 5 and the end of the month (June 30), Monty will give birth. Your job is to pick which day. Send an email to Silke at, with “Foal Birthday Guess” as the subject (there is a quick email form on the Contacts page). Do not put anything else in the email other than your guess, and your full name! Every rider who has taken a lesson in May or June is eligible for one(1) guess. There can only be one person per day, so the sooner you get your guess in, the better chance you have of getting the day you want. Guesses will be allotted by email time stamp. Since there is a chance that she will give birth after night check but before the next day, there will be up to two winning days – the day before and the day of the birth. We will set up a calendar in the barn showing who has chosen which days, so check to see what days are available. Good luck to everyone!

Secret hint – horses like to give birth when no-one is looking, so choose your day wisely…

Update! Monty’s foal was born on June 17th (Father’s Day) some time around 7pm! After attending a show all day, we were exhausted, but checked Monty around 5pm. No new horse was around, but her milk was running, so we figured we had enough time to eat dinner. Naturally, as soon as we left, Monty got down to business, and at night check, a new filly was wobbling her way around the field. We slowly escorted the pair into the barn, and collapsed from a long day. Nobody chose Sunday for the contest, so the closest guess was Friday the 15th, made by Karina. Congratulations! You win a Stubbe Horse Farm t-shirt!

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