We often hear similar questions from new customers, so in an effort to cover things you may wish to know, here’s a list of frequently asked questions about Stubbe Horse Farm.

General questions

How do you pronounce ‘Stubbe’?
I saw a horse on the road! Was it yours?

Safety equipment and clothing

What is the bare minimum equipment needed to ride a horse?
Why should I wear riding pants? Aren’t sweatpants/jeans ok?
Should I wear an eventing vest?


Am I too old/young/out of shape/etc to start riding?
How early should I arrive to my lesson?
I’m late/going to miss my lesson! What do I do?
Can I hire my own coach?
Can I take a horse for a trail ride?

Farm policies

Why is the front gate always closed? Are you open?
Can my friend ride a horse? They know how!

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