winter-paddocks-2Stubbe Horse Farm has limited indoor and outdoor board available, with priority given to students enrolled in lessons. Outdoor boarded horses have access to water, shelter, and are fed either on a schedule, or allowed to free-feed, depending on the needs of the horse and which paddock they are placed in. We will discuss with owners the needs and temperament of their horse, and sort them according to existing horses on the farm. Paddocks are regularly monitored, and if conflicts arise, we may move horses to maintain peace within groups or to change a horse’s feeding needs. Fences are checked daily for issues, and repaired as soon as problems are noticed. This reduces occurrences of horses testing the fencing and possibly breaking through.

stallsOur indoor board has very limited availability, and is usually reserved for sick or birthing horses, very young horses during winter, or horses needing a more focused feeding program. Indoor boarded horses are brought outside each morning before feeding, kept outside during the day, and brought in after evening feed. They receive additional feed or grain at night check as well. Horses boarded indoors always have a buddy even if it means using a school horse as a companion.

All horses on the property are monitored for health and attitude, and if any change occurs, we will contact the owner to discuss options. We are able to provide basic first aid treatments for horses, and are knowledgeable of what problems require a vet or farrier’s attention. Stubbe Horse Farm remains in great repute with a number of local equine services, and we are happy to recommend them to customers. Silke Stubbe is a passionate nutrition expert, and feeding plans can be tailored to the specific needs of your horse. Vitamins, grains, and more exotic food supplements are available, which can help maintain your horse’s desired temperament and health.

We also offer a heated tack room, perfect for suiting up in the cold months and cleaning tack without freezing. Boarders are assigned individual tack lockers, large enough to hold a saddle and plenty of room left for boots, bridles, and grooming tools. Seating is available for a coffee break, and a vending machine is always well stocked. Please see Prices & Billing for more information, or contact us. Trailering of horses to and from Stubbe Horse Farm is available as well.


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