emonessiBefore used car salesmen became infamous, there were horse traders. Even today, it is still difficult for a prospective horse owner to see through the posed picture and bubbly text provided in a classified ad, to the true abilities of the horse underneath. Horse prices are completely subjective, based more on what the market will bear than how well a horse will suit a particular rider. Buying a horse takes time, patience, and a knowledgeable eye to see through industry tricks such as pain killers. Stubbe Horse Farm regularly monitors the equine market both for prospective customers and our own schooling herd, and we are available to provide a needed second opinion before you make that large purchase. If you are not a current student at Stubbe Horse Farm, we will discuss with you beforehand such things as your goals and abilities, preferences in horse temperament, and more mundane things such as how you will get that beautiful 17 hand Clydesdale to all the shows you want to attend. There is lots to consider when entering the world of horse ownership, and we want to ensure you make a correct choice, believing a happy customer is more likely to remain a boarder, and their horse will interact with others more peacefully. For more information, please contact us.

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