courtney-aeowen-jumpFor students wanting more time with a favorite horse, or for those not wanting to make the full investment of money, time, and commitment to one particular horse, we offer the option of leasing. Leases are available as full, half, or quarter, measured in how much time per month a rider can spend with that horse, and are cost-effective options for intermediate to advanced riders who want to test the waters of horse ownership.

billy-amyIf you are interested in leasing a school horse, please contact Silke, who will discuss with you which horse is best-suited for your abilities and goals. Leasing is a great way to teach younger students the responsibilities of owning a large animal, and improves the bond between them without locking their parents into the financial realities of ownership.
Leasors enter a monthly contract with Stubbe Horse Farm, and for half and quarter leasors, with the other leasors of a horse as well. Leasors may use a school horse’s tack and tools, or provide their own if they wish. They are responsible for their own consumables such as shampoo or treats, and all leasors have the option of renting a locker to contain their own equipment. Please see Prices & Billing for more information, or contact us.

Boarders wishing to lease their horses at Stubbe Horse Farm are allowed as well with prior permission, as long as the leaser adheres to farm policies. This allows boarders to offset the cost of keeping their horse, and to exercise the horse even when the owner isn’t available. Stubbe Horse Farm maintains the final say for all riders on the property however, and should we see unsafe activities, we reserve the right to deny service to anyone, regardless of any contract between a boarder and a leaser.

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