Stubbe Horse Farm is dedicated to furthering the equestrian sport of English style riding. Our classes teach students how to interact with a horse both in the saddle and on the ground, through exercises drawing from Hunter, Jumper, Dressage, Volting, and Horsemanship. We take pride in providing a low-stress atmosphere that allows the rider to learn at their own pace, gently nudging the edges of their comfort zones when appropriate. Students can expect varying and dynamic lessons, which take into account numerous unplanned items such as weather, horse attitude and availability, rider ability, or the coach’s desire to focus on a needed skill. Bring an open attitude, and you won’t be disappointed!

moemaddiWe provide a number of different class options for students which try to accommodate different riding times, styles, and goals. Students can choose from fully private lessons which are one-on-one with the coach, semi-private groups of up to three people of their own choosing, and full groups typically of five riders whom we match according to skill level and age.

Potential students are first given a private assessment lesson to evaluate their riding level, and to discuss goals and any concerns they may have. The coach may ask the student to attend a few private lessons first before joining a group if there is a certain skill needing attention, or to allow the student time to familiarize themselves with basic horsemanship. Stubbe Horse Farm has a wide range of steeds available, and we make every effort to match the abilities of the rider with the temperament of the horse. However part of the learning process is to try new things, and students will have the opportunity to ride different horses as they progress. It is absolutely mandatory that all riders wear a CSA approved riding helmet that properly fits, and suitable riding boots containing a heel. Other riding attire is not required, but riding pants are recommended as they help the rider maintain their seat, and gloves will protect from rope burns. If you need assistance finding cheaper attire, the coach will be happy to suggest places to find such deals.

tackupareaLessons are grouped into time slots, agreed to with the coach prior to the lesson, typically at the beginning of the month. Students are asked to arrive at least 15 minutes before their lesson in order to retrieve their horse and tack up. During the summer it is wise to arrive 30 minutes beforehand, as horses are regularly pastured in fields and will take some time to retrieve.

We believe that what you do on the ground with your horse is just as important as what you do in the saddle. Knowing what’s going on in your horse’s mind can go a long way to a safe and enjoyable ride. All riding lesson students will be given occasional classes in the care and study of their horse, and more specific courses are available for those desiring it. Topics include grooming, lunging, care and fitting of tack, horse mentality, and controlling your horse using methods such as Parelli.

Stubbe Horse Farm also offers therapeutic riding for special needs students who are nonetheless passionate about horses. As riding requires a great deal of dexterity and physical strength, it is best to introduce it to people who are able to maintain their own balance and can hold on to a moving horse. Please contact us for more information on how we can service your particular needs. For information on lesson prices, please check out Pricing & Billing.

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