aeowen-erin-showStudents demonstrating great skill in their lessons are welcome to join the Stubbe Horse Farm show team, where they will compete in shows around Ottawa. Showing is a big endeavor, requiring commitment and drive throughout the season. Students should discuss with their coach which style and level they would like to participate in, and the coach will help focus their lessons accordingly. All students competing outside of Stubbe Horse Farm are required to have a current OEF number, which is necessary for registering for shows, and includes personal insurance in case of accidents.

kidsribbonsShow fees are dependent on the level and number of classes being competed in. Riders should consult with their instructor before deciding which classes to join. We also host in-house shows, which are perfect for preparing less-experienced riders with skills needed at external shows and are a great way to hang out with other riders and their families. To find out more about upcoming shows, including maps and times for events, please check out the Event Calendar.

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