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Two new horses, and a contest!

There’s a couple of new faces that riders may notice at the farm this week. Duncan is a Draft Paint who is showing great promise with new riders, and we seem to have acquired a small pony in the bargain! She is determined to work hard and earn her keep, already poking out a place for herself in the herd. Her show name is Don’t Tell Daddy, but her barn name is still lacking, so if you have some ideas, send us an email with “Name that horse!” as the subject line. The winner will be offered some Stubbe Wear! In order to keep track of submissions, please only send your names via email. Facebook or other posts will not be eligible.
Stop by and say hi to our new friends, and look for them soon in the lesson and camp programs!
*Update* March 15th is the deadline for submissions, so don’t delay!
*Update #2* The submissions are in, the polls are closed, and we have a winner in the Name the Pony contest! Congratulations to Zowie, for her winning name, Snickers! A perfectly sugary little laugh for a sweet little pony. Thanks for all the submissions, and remember to say hello to the newly christened addition.

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